Announcing our Plans

Rascals on the Road

Well, there’s nothing quite like setting up a website to put something out there in the world.  This is real, and there is no turning back now…

Starting summer of 2017 (August 1st most likely), our little family will be leaving our home in Salt Lake City behind and hitting the road for a year of adventure.  Our goal is to see new places, ride our bikes, spend quality time as a family, and LIVE OUR LIVES.

Even more importantly, we will be raising money for World Bicycle Relief.  In fact, we are trying to raise a lot of money: $15,000.  We have no idea if that’s even attainable, but if you’re going to go for something you might as well go for it big, right?

For those of you that know us, you know we have been running a blog, Rascal Rides, for the last few years.  Rascal Rides is a website dedicated to inspiring kids and their families to get outdoors on bikes.  This trip is an extension of that blog.  We will have the opportunity to actually get out there into the world rather than sitting behind our computer screens and meet families and explore nature.

Fundraising for World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is also a natural extension of our work at Rascal Rides.  WBR donates bicycles to students in rural Africa so that they can get to school.  At home, I’m always encouraging families to bike to school because it’s good for the environment, for their health, etc, but in Africa biking to school is quite literally LIFE CHANGING.

How exactly do we plan to raise money on our trip?  Well, first and foremost from our family and friends.  If you can afford to donate even $5, please do.  Lots of $5 donations add up to lots of bikes for students in Africa.  Other than that, we’ll be doing our best to spread the word via this blog, social media, written articles, YouTube videos, and by attending bike events, group rides, and trail work days as we travel around North America.  And I’m sure we’ll figure some more things out in there as we go.  Oh, and remember: all donations go directly to World Bicycle Relief.

As for us, we’ll be spending the next 9 months figuring out a LOT of logistics.  We need a trailer, a tow vehicle (update: we just bought one!); we have to rent out our house.  We have to figure out how we will be making money and how to budget for a year without permanent jobs.  We’ll be sharing this “journey before the journey” here on the blog.  Follow along as we learn how to handle our mail, how to remodel a trailer for cheap, and how to get good internet from the road.  If you have experience and tips, PLEASE share.  We are all ears.

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