Been There, Done That: Where We’ve Been and What We’ve Done

As of December 8, 2017

Amazingly, we are already more than 1/3 of the way through our year-long trip.  The first month or so was the slowest; since then, time has been passing in warp speed.  We’ve been so many places, seen so much, and had so many amazing life experiences, that some of it is already starting to become a blur.  To make sure I document everything we’ve done before I forget, I started this list.  It is mostly for myself, but it might be of interest to some of you that want to know what we’ve been up to and where we’ve been…….

First, a few stats:

  • 131 days on the road
  • 234 days to go
  • 16 states and provinces visited
  • 30 campgrounds slept at
  • 6 National Parks visited
  • 15 breweries visited
  • 31 trail systems biked

National Parks/Monuments/Historic Sites Visited

  1. Ft. Laramie NHS (Wyoming)
  2. Mt. Rushmore NM (South Dakota)
  3. Theodore Roosevelt NP (North Dakota)
  4. National Mall and Monuments (WDC)
  5. Hot Springs National Park (AR)
  6. Flaming Gorge NRA (UT)

State Parks Visited

  1. Porcupine Wilderness State Park (MI)
  2. Ft. Wilkins State Park (MI)
  3. Curt Gowdy State Park (WY)
  4. Mills-Norie State Park (NY)
  5. Pohick Bay State Park (VI)
  6. Silver Springs State Park (FL)
  7. Topsail Hill Preserve (FL)
  8. Oak Mountain State Park (AL)

Places of Interest

  1. Stormy Kromer Factory (MI)
  2. Ft. Wilkins (MI)
  3. Cheyenne Public Library (WY)
  4. Rapid City Public Swimming Pool & Greenbelt (SD)
  5. Eagle Harbor Lighthouse (MI)
  6. Keweenaw Rocket Range (MI)
  7. Sault Ste Marie Pumptrack & Greenbelt (ON)
  8. Wasaga Beach (world’s longest freshwater beach) (ON)
  9. Central Park/Rockefeller Center/Statue of Liberty (NY)
  10. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (WDC)
  11. Douthat State Park (VI)
  12. REEB Ranch (NC)
  13. Pinball Museum (NC)
  14. Crystal Bridges Art Museum (AR)
  15. Amazeum (AR)


new belgium brewery

  1. Accomplice Beer Company (WY)
  2. Lost Cabin Brewery (SD)
  3. Hoops Brewing Company (MN)
  4. Brickside Brewery (MI)
  5. North Superior Brewing Company (ON)
  6. Side Launch Brewing (ON)
  7. New Belgium (NC)
  8. Oscar Blues (NC)
  9. Asheville Brewing Company (NC)
  10. Wicked Weed (NC)
  11. Hi-Wire (NC)
  12. Twin Leaf (NC)
  13. Infinite Ale Works (FL)
  14. Bike Rack Brewing Company (AR)
  15. Superior Bathhouse Brewery (AR)

Trails/Trail Systems

  1. Red Canyon Trail (UT)
  2. Dowd Mountain (UT)
  3. Curt Gowdy (WY)
  4. Centennial Trail (SD)
  5. Dakota 50 Course (SD)
  6. Maah Daah Hey Trail/Buffalo Gap Trail (ND)
  7. Jamestown Lake (ND)
  8. Cuyuna Lakes (MN)
  9. Spirit Mountain (MN)
  10. Duluth Traverse (MN)
  11. Copper Harbor Trails (MI)
  12. Lake Laurentian Conservation Area (ON)
  13. Blue Mountain (ON)
  14. Kolapore Uplands (ON)
  15. Three Stage (ON)
  16. Kingdom Trails (VT)
  17. Raystown Lake (PA)
  18. Fountainhead (VI)
  19. Meadow Wood Recreation Area (VI)
  20. Douthat State Park (VI)
  21. Bent Creek (NC)
  22. Pisgah National Forest (NC)
  23. Dupont State Forest (NC)
  24. Pinhotti Trail (GA)
  25. Santos (FL)
  26. Longleaf (FL)
  27. Oak Mountain State Park (AL)
  28. Back 40 (AR)
  29. Slaughter Pen (AR)
  30. Coler Park (AR)
  31. Lake Oachita Vista Trail (AR)


  1. Greens Lake Campground (UT)
  2. Curt Gowdy State Park (WY)
  3. Sheridan Lake (SD)
  4. Spearfish City Campground (SD)
  5. Buffalo Gap Campground (ND)
  6. Jamestown Lake (ND)
  7. Cuyuna Lakes Campground (MN)
  8. Spirit Mountain Campground (MN)
  9. Porcupines (MI)
  10. Ft. Wilkins (MI)
  11. Sault Ste Marie KOA (ON)
  12. Carol’s Campground (DONT STAY HERE) (ON)
  13. Craigleith Provincial Park (ON)
  14. Kingston KOA (ON)
  15. Lake Champlain (ON)
  16. Camp Kent (VT)
  17. Mills-Norie State Park (NY)
  18. Raystown Lake Campground (PA)
  19. Pohick Bay State Park (VI)
  20. Douthat State Park (VI)
  21. Lake Powhatan (NC)
  22. Davidson River (NC)
  23. Mulberry Gap (GA)
  24. Cain’s Creekside (GA)
  25. Santos Trailhead and Campground (FL)
  26. Topsail Hill Preserve (FL)
  27. Birmingham South Campground (AL)
  28. Toad Suck (AR)
  29. Blowing Springs (AR)
  30. Crystal Springs (AR)

Significant Bodies of Water

  1. Lake Superior
  2. Lake Michigan
  3. Lake Ontario
  4. Lake Huron
  5. Atlantic Ocean
  6. Gulf of Mexico
  7. Lake Champlain
  8. Hudson River
  9. Chesapeake Bay

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