Dispatch from Curt Gowdy State Park (Week 2)

Biking at Curt Gowdy State Park


If Week 1 was all sunshine and rainbows, Week 2 has been a bit more stormy–literally and figuratively.  We are camped out at Curt Gowdy State Park near Cheyenne, WY.  It’s a lovely spot tucked between a reservoir and granite hills with miles and miles of mountain bike trails.

Despite the idyllic setting, the weather has been cold and rainy, our truck is back in the shop (under warranty thankfully), and P ended up with an infection that required TWO trips to the doctor and some strong antibiotics.  It has been a reminder that you can run away, but you certainly can’t escape LIFE.  We’re not on a vacation, we’re simply continuing our lives on the road.

I don’t deal with adversity well–why didn’t I ever learn resilience?!–but it is clear that this trip will have its rocky moments and that each day will present an opportunity for personal growth and reflection.  Fortunately, we are never far from a trail or from nature–the two things that provide me a special level or peace and solace.

Despite the down moments, we’ve still had a lovely week with plenty moments of laughter, adventure, and euphoria.  One of our best experiences here was mountain biking / hiking to Hidden Falls.  Even with the cool temps, and even cooler water temperature, we plunged our way into the river and under the falls.  Blair, always the water lover, dove right in.  All along the creek, we found wild raspberries to pick and P stuffed himself until he declared, “No more!”

Hidden Falls
Rasberry Picking at Curt Gowdy


P has made friends here which has been nice.  He’s very much a pack animal, loving to run wild with the little boys, their faces dirty and their spirits free.  One of my biggest fears coming into this trip was if he would be lonely and how he would find other children, so this stop has helped quell those fears some.

In addition to friends at the campground, we spent a lovely morning at the Cheyenne library where he found playmates.  I sat quietly in the sunshine (finally, sunshine!) by the ceiling to floor windows and watched him play.  We even met a fellow travelling family–turns out we’re not so rare at all!

We were supposed to leave Monday morning for the Black Hills, but it looks like we will be stuck here a little longer than expected while we wait for our truck to finish being repaired.  It will be a good reminder to slow down, breathe deeply, and enjoy the simple moments together.  There are some fish waiting to be caught by a little boy, some unexplored mountain bike trails waiting to be ridden by, and nap or two to be had while we wait out the rain.

2 thoughts on “Dispatch from Curt Gowdy State Park (Week 2)

  • Hey you guys, how’s the road? Sorry about your truck. Bummer. Ann and I are out back preparing for 1st grade.

    Keep on trucking


    • Hi Ben!
      The road is awesome! We are in the Black Hills right now and loving it. Parker talks about Lincoln and Abby all the time–and has his junior ranger vest to be just like Lincoln. Hope the kiddos had a good first day of school.

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